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The Top 10 Reasons to Hire an Independent College Search Consultant


10.    Because if your child doesn't get into the college of his/her choice, he/she may decide to stay home for another year.

 9.     Because you don't know the difference between George Washington U, Mary Washington U, University of Washington, Washington and Lee U, and Washington U. 

 8.     Because you remember what it was like filling out your own college applications and writing your own essays for the relatively small number of colleges you may have applied to. 

7.     Because you have no idea how you're going to pay for college and you need advice on financial aid and scholarship opportunities. 

6.     Because with our years of experience, the process will move along faster and more smoothly, giving you more time for "quality bonding" with your teenager.

5.     Because we don't mind being the "bad guy" and nagging your child to get those essays written. 

4.     Because we can make a potentially overwhelming experience less daunting. 

3.     Because we can serve as facilitators between your needs and wishes as a parent and your child's hopes and dreams. 

2.     Because we can give you and your child the individual attention and expertise you both need at this critical time in your lives (and we are accessible evenings and weekends).

1.     Because we can help ensure that your child has a variety of schools to choose from where he/she will be happy and successful!









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