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Transfer Students


Students choose to transfer for a variety of reasons.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I am unhappy or unsuccessful at my current school. 
  • I wasn't ready to leave home initially, so I went to my local community/4-year college. 
  • I didn't work up to my potential in high school, so my options for college were limited.  Now that I've started achieving, I'm hoping to transfer to a school that better meets my academic goals.
  • I took a non-traditional path to college by taking time off between high school and college, but earned some credits along the way. 
  • My parents couldn't afford a private college, so I started at a community college or state school to save money with the goal of transferring to finish my degree from my "dream school"
  • I started out at one college and for various reasons, I can no longer afford to go there, so I need a less expensive option. 

Transfer students have different needs than freshman students, both in the admissions process and in what they are seeking in their new school.  They have a unique perspective that comes from having been in college already, so they are better able to understand what they want in their transfer institution.  But the admissions process is not exactly the same for transfers and freshmen, from the timeline to required documentation to deadlines to essays; it is not one size fits all.  That's where Coach Deb can help. 

With an extensive background in transfer admissions, both in her role as the Transfer Admissions Advisor for the Kaplan Leadership Program, as well as working with numerous other students every year who hope to transfer, Coach Deb can help you effectively navigate the transfer process and end up at the best school for your academic, social, and personal goals. 







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